Day 13: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Tuesday, March 6th at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

A good half of the team spends the day gathering materials.  Mostly fishes about [30 fish], while Mike and Bell set off to find some ore.  While Bell wanders off a bit, he manages to find a pretty hefty vein of ore, which is completely ridiculous and makes Mike exclaim loudly while waving his hands around in ridiculous gestures while using a ridiculous voice.  The whole thing is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Blu finished making the incredibly metal armor for the team.  Very proud of his work, Blu runs and gives each person some metal armor.  Not like, metal armor – well, you suppose it is made out of metal.  But this armor, is so very metal. Like metal metal.

JohnnyViral refrained from face-palming just long enough to go aboard the ship and request some recipes.  For a defense turret, the machine spat out the following recipe:

“1 animal, 2 fire, 2 rounded stone, 10 wood, 50 air, 100 rock.”

When he requested a recipe for defenses, the ship returned the exact same recipe, except without the two rounded stones.  He couldn’t help but feel that the science behind the ship was slightly sarcastic.

Having mastered the voices, Ossa decided to test out his new powers on various living things to see what results the yielded.  First, he transformed a squirrel, the squirrel’s bones snapping and twisted until eventually it became just a disembodied tentacle, flopping around like a fish.  Dissatisfied, Ossa then decided to try something similar on a raccoon with much better results.  The raccoon’s face turned into a tentacle, or a tentacle came out of its face, whichever makes the least sense.  Without the ability to see, the raccoon ran around panicked, and Ossa laughed an Ossa laugh.


5 thoughts on “Day 13: The Awesome Squad

  1. Damnit Bell! Why are you so awesome at finding things! Maybe you should teach me your ways :O

    For my turn, I use the ore to finish making the gate to our encampment. I make the gate as strong and impenetrable as possible. I also distribute the keys to each of our teammates.

  2. Viral will stare at the science station with a bit of disdain, theorizing that it may just have a mind of its own. He will take his recipe, make a few copies to hand out to his team and exit the ship. He would spend more than half his day attempting to gather the material necessary for 2 land based turrets and one ship turret, making sure to request the air from Mostly and his compression device.

    “Some one should set up multiple fires around the camp, for lighting purposes, plus they will keep some unwanted animals away at night. As an added bonus we can cook more extra fish that way.” The Awesome Squad’s Chief Engineer and Science Officer suggested to his team, his voice echoing in his head due to the gas mask.

    The later end of his day would his spend figuring out how to make himself a proper lab coat.

  3. Finally refreshed that his armor is complete and his friends are all proudly wearing them it all came down to the weaponInstruments or instrumentweapons. Wiping off the sweat from his forehead, Blu continues to work on his last part to make something awesome.

    Realizing from his two day comatose, he finally figured out that gift that surged through his mind the time the lightning was channeled through him. Blu was pretty sure this came with a price, the ability to give people boners through the power of metal, but he didn’t know how the physics of the world would let him. Maybe, he had to create an amp? It all depended on his next vision when he rested again.

  4. Ossa set to work on getting the fires that Viral suggested. If he finds any extra time, he will ensure to help Mike finish the wall (and try to give it tentacles).

  5. Mostly, waiting for low tide to leave a bounty of pearls to complete his sub module will attempt to use the compressor to compress the ship’s fumes.

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