Day 14: Everyone Else

Next deadline: Friday, March 9th at 11:59 PM EST

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

RedSunEternal spent all day slowly working on the perfect halberd, making sure not to rush the process and to work on the strength of the weapon’s metal first and foremost, crafting the fine details later when he had time.  He could finish the weapon at any time, but the longer he continued to refine it, the better he knew it would be.  UnfinishedDestiny was working on his [mysterystuff] while climbing to the top of the mountain, revealing the room inside with a solved puzzle which was still a pretty interesting place.

Eating a piece of candy, LooseLips gathered the rest of the metal, thinking long and hard about how to make explosives without the ship’s science station.  Figuring that he could probably come up with something that involved a metal shell, some compressed air and fire, he wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to manufacture such things without the ship’s help.  Still, it gave him a bit of better understanding about [science].

While Ryu89 started swimming to a presumably less horrifying island, captain awesome kept kicking the chalk marking on his islands while walking around.  Mike Burns couldn’t make a dent in the pillar, and decided to swim back from the pillar to the main island, though the curious addition of several new people and a ship make him very cautious and on-guard.  anthcul158 poked her head into the dungeon, only to find that it was somehow the lair to a large pile of slime with a crown on top.  Not entirely sure what it was, she decided not to immediately aggravate it and instead had the guard show her where the other island with the spiral forest on it was.

That night, as JohnnyViral was walking past LooseLips, Hawkers89 decided to strike out at JohnnyViral, taking control of his body.  Once inside, JohnnyViral started acting really strange;  For starters, he gripped the front of his clothes and tugged, not really accomplishing much.  Secondly, he grabbed himself inappropriately while walking towards LooseLips, and finally he let out a bunch of muffled sounds from inside of his gas mask that were pretty impossible to hear.


9 thoughts on “Day 14: Everyone Else

  1. Anthcul158 decides to further explore the forest on the island with the slime king, especially searching for clues as to what this creature would want to let me in the dungeon. If I have time at the end of the day, I will approach the slime king as culturally acceptably as possible, and gently inquire as to if there is anything (s)he desires.

  2. Step 1 – continue walking around the island removing as much chalk as humanly possible.

  3. Dann walks to the sea and fills his waterproof box with water and brings it back to his shelter. Dann then fashions a set of smithing tools out of the spare wood. He spends the rest of his turn searching for areas where he might find ore for crafting.

  4. I will gather as many of the materials required for 5 total explosives as I can.

  5. Unhappy with the outcome of my endeavors, and wanting to give space to the new crowd on the island, I decide to venture to a new island, east bumfuck island to be exact. After swimming to the new island I would like to assess the possessions I own (basically I lost track of what I’m carrying and I want you to tell me what I currently have on me, I’ll keep a list of my own now like a good little boy). For the rest of the day I would like to train myself in shovel combat techniques.

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