Day 14: Keepers of Elysium

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

The old man’s few teeth showed on his grin as Destin answered his question, the old man very pleased with his answer.

“I have waited many years to hear of someone worthy of my training.  Dustin, I present to you a one time test of strength, courage, and compassion.  You are to fight me, one-on-one, and show me that which you have just explained.  If you lose, know that your resolve is not any weaker, but shall you succeed a great strength will be yours.  I will only fight you one time, so put your all into it and let me know when you are ready.”

Destin questioned whether or not he could defeat this old man, seeing as how old men were infinitely powerful in pretty much any form of martial arts related media.  The old man was really, really old though.  Like getting to that age where you’d be surprised if he could even still really move nimbly or strike with much strength.

Nirkit, on the other hand, was trying to piece together this man’s brain, but as soon as he accessed it, he mind was flooded with kung fu movies.  Many of which he had seen before, of course, but the complete works of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and many others pulsed into his mind and honestly he forgot what exactly it was he was searching for in this guy’s mind.

On the other hand, if Rufus from Street Fighter IV taught us anything, it’s that watching all of the kung fu movies wasn’t unlike training, for some reason.  Even though he had just glimpsed this man’s brain, Nirkit was somehow better at [combat].  This sudden rush of kung fu also helped sustain Nirkit’s action boner, a totally non-sexual boner that just showed off his overwhelming excitement for martial arts.  Oh and I guess this guy’s favorite color was orange.


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Keepers of Elysium

  1. “Awesome! You’re on!”

    Destin “dusted” himself off, and stood, passion in his eyes.

    “Say, old man, is there a time limit before we start, per chance?”

    He shuffled his feet like a child trying to get away with something. Destin figured in another day or so, the geezer would practically be on his death bed. And death beds were pretty easy to beat up.

    In the mean time, Destin clenched his trusty Chaladholg, and asked, or thought to, Nirkit to send him any useful thoughts he had been gleaning from people to help him in battle.

    He wasn’t prepared for this, but that was all right. That made the challenge exciting.

  2. Nirkit did his best to help Destin in the battle with his psychic powers, probably by relaying the old man’s moves and combos and whatnot to Destin. Or maybe memories of the old man’s past defeats, so Destin might glean how it’s done.

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