Day 14: The Awesome Squad

Next deadline: Friday, March 9th at 11:59 PM EST

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

While Mike was working on finishing his impressive gate and handing out the assorted keys to go with it, officially completing the fortress, Ossa came by and added his own special touch to the wall, causing it to sprout various tentacles along the base.  Pleased with himself, Ossa proceeded to work on setting up various fires around the camp, to which he added even more various tentacles, creating the perfectly creepy atmosphere he so desired.  He watched as Blu finished making about half of the instruweapons (or were they weaponstruments?) with a look of intrique, but couldn’t think of a way adding tentacles would improve the wonders pieces of craftsmanship and their boner-inducing properties.

While JohnnyViral was working on collecting resources, of which he really only had time to collect about half of the rock for one recipe, Mostly came up with the brilliant idea of compressing the toxic fumes.  Running the fumes through the compressor resulting in small capsules of the stuff, which feasibly would turn back into a cloud of fumes if pressure was added – in short, tiny smoke bombs, except slightly more noxious.

All during the day, The Awesome Squad could feel the presence of Hawkers89, who would take over the muscle’s reflexes for a couple of seconds and cause people’s limbs to sort of spasm uncontrollably.  Ossa thought this was weird, if not slightly amusing, so as he clearly watched the ghost float around their team, he decided not to do anything.

That night, as JohnnyViral was walking past LooseLips, Hawkers89 decided to strike out at JohnnyViral, taking control of his body.  Once inside, JohnnyViral started acting really strange;  For starters, he gripped the front of his clothes and tugged, not really accomplishing much.  Secondly, he grabbed himself inappropriately while walking towards LooseLips, and finally he let out a bunch of muffled sounds from inside of his gas mask that were pretty impossible to hear.

After Hawkers89 had been fought out of JohnnyViral’s body, he lifted his mask up and apologized to LooseLips for his strange behavior, keeping wary of ghosts in the future.



6 thoughts on “Day 14: The Awesome Squad

  1. Bell, having quite a bit of experience with the paranormal in the past, happened to be aware of how to create a “dream catcher”, and hopefully would suddenly reveal semi-phenomenal cosmic powers and ward away and spirits that would dare bother their ship or their soon-to-be-lair-area-lot thing! He quickly went up to the ship to check the recipe for the ‘ward’, or anything that would drive away something that was supposed to be dead but wasn’t quite there.

    • OOC: ((Also, I figured it goes without saying that after checking the recipe, he leaves the ship to avoid any unfortunate side effects, but I figured I should clarify!))

  2. Blu continues to craft the.. weaponments.. or was it the instrumpons.. to hopefully intensively test his own personal guitar to see if it can effectively give boners to the crew members and hopefully Hawkers89 if his ghost was still around.

  3. Viral will spend his turn dividing his time between gathering as many of the ingredients for the turrets as he can and continuing his quest for a way to make himself a proper lab coat. The thought then occurred to him that the Awesome Squad’s new base doesn’t actually have a proper lab. He would suggest it to Ossa that he needed a proper lab and that they should see if it was possible to build him a Somethingfornothinglolgy center.

  4. Ossa agreed that a laboratory/research center would be an excellent improvement for the base. “I think that as soon as we figure out what the deal with these cute little ghosts is, I will be more than willing to help you out. But, speaking of such pressing matters I have to go and check out this ghost problem.” Preparing himself mentally with his [mysterystuff], Ossa went to make contact with Hawkers89. Upon meeting the ghost, Ossa would try at first to find if there was a way to peacefully appease the spirit. Possibly it could be conscripted to join the Awesome Squad! They still needed someone on keys for the band anyway. Should this not be the case, he would use his abilities to rend it’s soul asunder – ensnaring whatever remained of Hawkers89’s spirit in the maddening abyss that awaits all souls unfortunate enough to even dare exist. If able to either make peace with or destroy the ghost, he would help Bell in making a super strong otherworldly ward.

  5. Mostly will put on a gas mask and practice some sweet ninja moves with his newly acquired smoke bombs.

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