Day 15: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

Itylhive, furious with the mocking of the otherworldly, used his mysterystuff to pull some of the spirits responsible into his own world, beating them up in a [combat] manner.  The spirits were a piece of cake, seeing as how they were only some of the lowest level of obnoxious spirits tasked with meaningless work such as moving sand.  Still, Itylhive quite enjoyed beating them to a pulp.

Antiblematic watched, concerned for his leader, observing the fluxing mysterystuff that swirled around Itylhive.  It seemed to Antiblematic that Itylhive’s energies had become enraged;  angered, perhaps, thirsty for destruction, for revenge.  It was hard to tell how much of this was simply just peering into his natural soul, and how much of it was recent and inflicted, as Antiblematic had only just recently started really feeling the latent energies of his leader.

…but enough of that nonsense!

While most of his team was off doing something pretend – fighting the air, shouting about revenge, talking about energy and other such nonsense – parrotfanatic wanted something very tangible.  After most of the day of searched, parrotfanatic settled on the perfect shivrock, and met up with Evan who had found some  yarn-like fibers, exactly as planned.


3 thoughts on “Day 15: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. The team will sail to the one unexplored island. During the journey Itylhive will sacrifice whatever leftover idles they have on hand to power up the ship and start chalking up plans for Yamato-class mysterystuff-wave motion gun.

  2. As we leave, I enter the ship’s ritual hall. I pray and utilize [mysterystuff] to strengthen our ship’s capabilities (and tentacles).

  3. Trusty shivrock in hand, I join Antiblematic in our ship’s great Ritual Hall. Piggybacking on his latent mysterious energy and the power of the ship’s pentagrams, I begin embuing my Shivrock with the power of concealment.

    I instruct Evan to use his exceptional weaving skills, for which Tailorbirds are known for, to spin the threads into yarn suitable for wrapping the Shiv’s grip.

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