Day 15: Everyone Else

Next Deadline: Tuesday, March 13th

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

While the teamless proceeded in their tasks, they could feel a chill run down their spines as elsewhere on the islands things were not quite as routine.

RedSunEternal kept working on his weapon, refining out the best of details.  Striving for perfection was no easy task, however, and as he made his progress on the weapon his mind wandered to better, more awesome things.  Mostly involving slam, and jam.

captainawesome continued to kick the chalk off of the island, thinking this was a great idea.  Most people would’ve agreed with him, but whoever put the chalk there undoubtedly probably disagreed pretty wholeheartedly.  captainawesome did notice the entire seperate paragraph pointing him out, so there was absolutely no way he would go unnoticed.  Hopefully this wouldn’t have any horrible, story related consequences.

LooseLips continued to gather materials, noting that he could make about one recipe’s worth of materials in a given day.  At this rate, he should be finished in just a handful of days.

While Dann Tuggles filled his box with water, carrying it up to his shelter and preparing his wooden tools, he felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in his work.  Ores, he assumed, would be in any of the steps if he simply mined into them.  To confirm this, he did a bit of prospecting and was positive he’d be able to find what he needed.

As Hawkers89 floated back to Mike Burns, he arrived very badly injured.  Worried, Mike Burns tries to help Hawkers89 but isn’t really sure how to.  Mike Burns notes that his pack has a shovel, a surfboard, and some ink, but any other miscellany he had found along the way had possibly gotten lost during his travels – at least he had what mattered – his good friend, Hawkers89.

Ryu89 finished swimming to the island, feeling a bit stronger for the trip.  Upon pulling himself into the island that is entirely a mountain, underwater, that has been hollowed out and is an excellent place to mine and such, he notices a golem working on building a forge inside of the mountain, as well as several mini-golems.

anthcul158 explored the island, but didn’t want to wander too far into the spiral of the woods.  There wasn’t too much on the island to explore outside of the cave and the spiral forest, so she decided to try and approach the slime king in the friendliest manner she could, considering neither spoke the other’s language.  The slime king seemed infinitely amused that someone would try and be friendly with it, and blobbed up and down happily.  As a king over nothing but slime, he offered her a gift for her kindness, the only gift he could – small tiny blob to protect her on her journey, and learn from her so that maybe one day the slimes and the people would be able to communicate.


8 thoughts on “Day 15: Everyone Else

  1. RSE decided he had done enough work on his halberd for now. He felt ready for whatever might come. Taking up his new weapon, RSE begins making a map of the caves while holding one hand to one side of the wall so that he couldn’t get lost.

  2. anthcul158 graciously thanks the slime king in whatever way she can, and decides to name her blob Bob, since Bob the Blob seems amusing to her. She spends the whole day learning about Bob, trying to figure out how to communicate, and what his potential skills are. Hopefully he’s good at protecting her, as she remembers the trap door (damn low tide, hurry up!). With Bob by her side, she ventures into the forest as far as it goes, hoping to encounter an adventure with her new friend Bob.

  3. Step 1 – continue removing all of the chalk.
    Step 2 – while doing so, sing a song very very loudly…this song in fact!

    Verse 1 – “Daggerbeard oh faggerbeard how you suck!”
    Verse 2 – “Your beard looks like a dagger but your face looks like a fuck!”
    Verse 3 – “My rhymes are sublime while yours are literally the worst!”
    Verse 4 – “That didn’t rhyme at all but it’s okay because your ears are filled with muck!”
    Verse 5 – “Now watch as I continue erasing your precious white lines!”
    Verse 6 – “While you sit back and allow others to take action for you, those are cowardly signs!”

  4. I have no idea why I got injured, or even how, but I’m a ghost so fuck that pain and being hurt bullshit. I tell Burnsy that I decided to spend a day being bored down in the south and I am back to help in any way I can. But soon I want to travel up to captainawesome and see what he’s up to on the king’s island.

    • Excited to see my long lost friend, but alarmed at seeing him in his injured state, I quickly rush over to him and hold him (as much as you can hold any ghostly apparition). I focus all of my love and friendship into healing him by giving a full body massage in my mind. I console him as much as I can to try and help him recover. I agree that we should meet up with this captain awesome and check out the king’s island. I spend the day training myself in combat with my shovel blade in case of emergency, like if someone else tries to hurt my bubby Hawkers <3

  5. Waking up after a several-day autistic fantasy, Vaclav decides the time is nigh to begin seeking shelter. He finds the highest tree he possibly can, and climbs it very carefully, taking great caution not to damage his instrument. From this lookout, he keeps an eye out for nearby shelter, hoping he can provide bardical services in exchange for safety.

  6. Dann spends the whole day scavenging the local area for ore, taking the pieces that are either lying around or look like they could easily be broken off with one of his sticks.

  7. This turn I continue my quest to collect the resources needed to make the explosives.

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