Day 15: The Awesome Squad

Next Deadline: Tuesday, March 12th

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Bell decides to get a recipe for anti-ghost stuff, mostly because it apparently was a problem, and seemed to possibly be an increasing problem in the future.  The recipe was pretty simple, too.

“1 wood, 1 writing material (chalk, ink, etc.), the words, ‘Leave us alone, stupid otherworldly entities.'”

Surprised at how easy the recipe was, Bell and Ossa gathered up some coal dust and pressed it into a writing stick, then gathered up some wood and tried to think of a way to reword the message so that it would be extra super powerful and effective.  JohnnyViral accompanied them, searching for some other materials of his own, picking up various pieces of the turret recipe while keeping the finer fibers in mind for potentially weaving a lab coat.

As Hawkers tried to float off of the island, Ossa proposed a keyboarding spot in their band to the ghost.  Either he didn’t hear him, or didn’t care to respond, but either way Ossa decided the only socially acceptable thing to do was to mangle the ethereal form of the ghost violently with his mysterystuff, until the ghost whimpered and limped away, back to wherever it had come from.

Blu gathered the team back at their base at the end of the day, and on their way back Blu noted that there was – apparently – an armored bear somewhere on the island, but he decided to avoid the bear and show off his great work.  In a way that wasn’t awkward at all, Blu showed off the finished instrumentaweaponals and armor outfits and all that good stuff, and told everyone to gear up so that they could finally practice their metal, giving everyone a boner apparently.  It was time to get this show on the road!


5 thoughts on “Day 15: The Awesome Squad

  1. Viral will check his supplies and confer with Mostly to see how much compressed air he has. If he finds that they have enough ingredients for a turret, Viral will go and deliver the ingredients to the science station. If not, he will continue his search for the ingredients for 3/4ths of the day. Using the last 4th of the day to visit the science station and ask for a recipe for a second science station in the new Awesome Squad base.

    Viral will also pick up his Bass Insrtuweapon from Blu.

  2. I awake from my slumber a bit confused, but definitely well rested. Hey, everyone deserves a break every now and then (OOC; Even if I’ve had only one day off in the past month and a half). “Why are there tentacles on my beautiful wall!?” However, after thinking about it, I figure tentacles could actually add to the defense of our base…..unless of course they just wiggle around like idiots.

    Anyway, for my turn, I decide to go ahead and focus my efforts on the inside of our base. We’ve already re-enforced the actual living quarters, but I plan on actually adding on to it. So I spend half the day collecting wood to start building more space in our base…with one of them being planned for JV’s Science Station.

    I then spend the second half of my day commencing the construction.

    I also find some time to nab my drums from Blu.

  3. With a not too enthusiastic face about how his boner making skills wasn’t that METAL, he tried to improve his boner making skills in to a RAGINGBONER. Practicing on the guitar while waiting for the others to pick up the instreaponments, Blu couldn’t figure out how to make a RAGINGBONER happen. Almost giving up, Blu remembered the armored bear. “THIS COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING. If God ever dropped anything on my lap, it’d be that METAL ARMORED BEAR.”

    Taking matters to his own hands, Blu thought recruiting would be magnificent!

    Not knowing how to charm a bear, Blu took the only way how to charm anything. By playing MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETAAAAAAAAAAAL to the bear! Grabbing his guitar at hand, he proceeds to the where he last met the bear.

    “Bears get boners… right?”

  4. Bell worked on the ward, trying to word it perfectly. However, he is a Libra and sucks at deciding things. He ends up dumping it on Ossa for the most part, assisting with whatever he can otherwise.
    Bell’s “feelings” were starting to bother him. Also the boners were getting pretty uncomfortable, but that’s pretty unrelated.
    Blushing circumstances aside, he checks the recipe on how to make tarot cards that he could read and understand. Hopefully Ossa could imbue them with mysterystuff and make them accurate, unless they didn’t even need that, then huzzah! He rushes to the ship, does this, and heads back to camp.

  5. Upon feeling satisfied with his socially acceptable behavior towards Hawkers89, Ossa felt the need to express himself. He felt the need… for METAL. Donning the awesome armor made by Blu, he picked up the other instruweapon-guitar. Everything looked awesome. It felt awesome. Except… he still felt like there was something missing. What could it be? What could possibly make him be any more metal than he already was? Ossa took a deep breath and listened to his blackened heart. Of course! How silly he was to forget. Tentacles. He spends the day giving himself a set of six tentacles sprouting from his back, and slowly practicing to control and use them. Like any other muscle, you must start slowly. If his new tentacles get too tires, he will spend the down-time practicing the amazing guitar given to him by Blu. This team… This team was truly awesome. And it brought a tear to Ossa’s eye.

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