Day 16: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

As Captain Itylhive set course for the last unexplored island on the map while mocking up plans for weaponizing the ship, Antiblematic was focused on mastering [all of the mysterystuff].  The world he occupied physically began to seem somewhat distant from the plane he felt attuned to, and he knew now exactly what it was that the voices had spoken of.

He was ready!

Piggybacking – or parrotbacking – on Antiblematic’s ritual, Parrotfanatic watched the remaining idles become sacrificed to the ship and siphoned off the smallest fraction of the energy into his shiv, filling it with a malicious energy that was ensured to inflict injury to those on the business end of the shiv.

Once they had reached the island, Itylhive noted that the last unexplored island was quite small, and near another team’s permanent home.  From a distance, he thought he tentacles…


4 thoughts on “Day 16: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. Itylhive will explore the small island, while scouting out resources for ship’s main guns.

  2. Waking up from our two-week long mushroom trip, Evan and I have a new understanding of the world, fruit loops, and God, who is actually a spoon in disguise.

    Quietly stalking behind Itylhive, I aid him in exploring the island and scouting out resources. Likewise, Evan scours the skys, poop-bombing the unworthy and communicating using our top-secret aerial-divebomb-poopnugget Morse code. When Ithylhive isn’t looking, which should be always,I also leave behind copious amount of graffiti in my own feces. Copious amounts.

    Damn, those were some good shrooms.

  3. I am filled with zeal that I am ready for His Moment to occur, but I want to make sure the time is opportune. That moment is not yet. The time is not prime. The people will believe that these Zmobies are a sign of His Moment, but they are far weaker than what is good enough for Him. However, taking note of the rising zombie problem, I consult the dark forces at work with the zmobie horde, and use [mysterystuff] to gain the ability to tame them.

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