Day 16: Everyone Else

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

RedSunEternal puts the finishing touches on his halberd, noting that the craftsmanship involved was incredible and that the hard work really had paid off.  Happy with the results, he explored the caves, careful not to get lost as he made a mental map of the caverns, but they simply  extend too far for him to adaquately explore them in just one day.  Still, the caves are fairly easy to map;  fundamentally, one extends slightly north west, one extends slight south east, and one extends far north east.

anthcul158 and Bob the Blob decide to venture deep into the forest.  At the end of the forest, they emerge on what looks like the same island, but after consulting with a guard, they realize is instead Eastern Bumfuck Island;  Somehow the two forests are mysteriously connected.  The new island looks exactly the same, but the cave might hold something different than the slime kingdom, and the team the Keepers of Elysium is docked nearby.

Mike Burns, horrified at what had happened to Hawkers, who seemed not all that worried about it, made sure to heal him with a hug.  Hey, it worked in Super Mario RPG, it can work in – YEAH I DON’T KNOW HOW HE HUGS A GHOST EITHER.  Regardless, once Hawkers is all rested, Mike Burns decides to focus on combat, to protect his ghostly guy gam if anything like this should happen in the future.

Vaclav manages to find a tree with a little difficulty, as the island is mostly covered in treeless steppes.  Once atop the tree, he notices that in the rocky steps (not steppes) of the island, Dann Tuggles has started constructing a basic shelter, as well as a forge for which to, well, forge things.  He see Dann Tuggles poking around the rocky steppes, collecting various ore, and decides that if he wants to seek shelter on this island, Hobo Dann may be his best bet.

LooseLips continues to collect resources, though when The Awesome Squad starts looking for their boat his does take notice to the situation.

As captain awesome continues to kick chalk lines in, presumably giving someone a really hard time in the future, a bunch of guards show up with weapons, and look not too pleased.  At first he tries to be nice to the guards, but they quickly surround him and over-power his non-masturbatory side, knocking him unconscious and dragging him off of the island.  The next time he would awaken, he was in a small stone jail cell and had a terrible headache.


6 thoughts on “Day 16: Everyone Else

  1. Anthcul158 and Bob the Blob decide that this is quite the nifty transportation-forest-thingy, and head bravely into the cave. Any free time is spent exploring this new island, just in case it’s someone different than Xinguo.

  2. I continue gathering the required materials and send a message to the green team.

  3. Vaclav sings war songs and practices punching trees as he walks to Dann Tuggles’ place, then leverages his [friendship] in a plea for entrance and cooperation. He also keeps an eye out for any cranberries lying around. Zmobies LOVE cranberries.

  4. Step 1 – take inventory of what is inside this prison cell, literally anything at all that can be of any use for anything even if it is not actually useful for anyone other than Sergio who would make up a horrible pointless use for it that makes no sense.
    Step 3 – try to memorize the locations of the guards i can see and any schedule they seem to be adhering to.
    Step 2 – look at what kind of lock they have on the cell.
    Step 2852 – check what the cell is made out of.
    Step 92 – are there windows?
    Step 295231239825725289423023842572894302928425 – continue to look around the cell attempting to discern the most complex, detailed description of what is inside, around and outside of everything i can see….try to be the Mentalist of observations….Psych out myself with my observational powers, notice so much details about what is going on that i know it inside and out like my own House.

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