Day 16: Keepers of Elysium

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

In desperate need to rest from their daring adventure, priority numero uno was making sure that Destin was well.  Nirkit’s first instinct was, of course, to completely destroy the old man’s house – or at least the interior of it.  After turning over a pot of noodles, smashing a ceramic cat, and breaking a gong, Nirkit realized that even all of these stereotypical possession could not for certain confirm the ethnicity of the old man, and that would haunt him forever.

Or at least, haunt him until he found some sort of herbs.  Normally, calling something an “herb” wouldn’t be enough to confirm it as a useful proponent of practicing medicine, but most video games would tell you that non-descriptive herbs were almost assuredly restorative.  Between the herbs and I guess Destin sitting there reflecting on himself and his actions as a mean of physical therapy (read: Destin isn’t a doctor) Destin managed to fully recover as Nirkit whisked them away on a romanti- er, heroic journey to the Eastern Bumfuck Island.

The forest spiral didn’t seem like much of a maze from above, since it seemed to just spiral inwards and, based on a combination of his psychic reading and the equivalent guard-conversation of reading a newspaper, heard lead somehow to the center of another forest.  Landing there would probably cause some sort of spacial paradox, so he decided to set the boat down near the cave.  Back on the water, Nirkit was pretty exhausted from all the “navigating” he’d been doing, and once he was assured that Destin would be alright, he collapsed for the day from exhaustion.


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  1. Destin will explore the island once he’s back to full strength.


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