Day 16: The Awesome Squad

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

Once the team had received their insanely metal instruweaponments from Blu, as well as their heavy metal ensemble, they set about their day as normal, but with metal constantly in the back of their minds.  Everything just felt a little bit more metal, so much so that a couple of the members had to fight off the idea that they had become cyborgs.

It was that metal.

The Awesome Squad was as awesome as they were practical, and quite a few of them spent their day gathering resources.  As Mike watched the tentacle idiot wiggle on the wall (I typed that description, looked at it, blinked a lot, and then decided to leave it unchanged :P) he began to expand their shelter, constructing an extra room for JohnnyViral’s ventures while also adding the frame for another little house.  Slowly but surely, he was turning what was nothing into a home for The Awesome Squad.

While Blu focused on mastering his inner RAGINGBONER, he couldn’t for the life of him find the armored bear.  For some reason the bear’s footprints trailed off onto the shore and then just vanished, and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why.  Meanwhile, Ossa focused on his newly acquired tentacles, playing the guitar, and obviously most importantly, playing the guitar with his newly acquired tentacles.  Not well, mind you, as he seriously needed to practice both the guitar and these new arms, but he could strum enough chords well enough that he could’ve probably made a career out of it.  Still, that wasn’t nearly enough for him, but it would have to be enough for today.

Bell was normally really good at finding things, but today, Bell couldn’t even manage to find the ship.  Scratching his head, he figured maybe somebody took it out for a spin?  It was hard to keep track of everyone when most people worked by themselves.  Well, earlier today he had – er, Ossa had finished perfecting the ward, to keep spirits away in the future, but other than that…  He decided it might be best to ask around, see if anyone on his team knew where the ship had gone off to.


4 thoughts on “Day 16: The Awesome Squad

  1. Feeling like he was frozen in place for years, Blu stretches out every bone in his body like his life depended on it. Finally shaking the rest of his stiffness off his body, he pondered what the hell he was doing in the middle of somewhere.

    Gazing around again with what he had in his hands and surroundings, Blu finally realizes what he was looking for once he saw the armored bear tracks again. With a vigor of thousands men, Blu sets off to find out this miscreant of an armored bear again to recruit it!

    While no clues were placed, aside from the footprints, Blu came to realizations that this bear was not only armored.. but had to have some kind of flying device! There was no where this bear could of gone, and swimming was out of hand since it would just sink cause y’know.. it’s armored.

    Blu took to looking to the skies after asking the guard if he knows any song that armored bears are attracted to.

  2. Bell did indeed ask around, “Uh… Guys?” He tried to get various members’ attention, “Mike?? Ossa? Where’s our ship?”

  3. Viral had no idea how many resources he had gathered but seemed content to enough to attempt to make his turrets. As he approached their ship however he noticed, as the rest of his team did, that it was gone. “What is the meaning of this? Where has our ship gone?” He joined in the inquiry. Being the scientific mad man that he was however he quickly devised several, and ludicrous ideas as to its whereabouts. His most ridiculous theory was that the ship, having been around Ossa and his [mysterystuff] a little too long had been possessed by whatever spirits that [mysterystuff] came from. “We must conduct a search!” Viral would take one or two of the others, those who volunteered and would search the coast line for signs of the Awesome Squads vessel.

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