Day 16: What seemed like forever

Next deadline: Thursday at 23:59 EST, meaning there are only 24 hours in this turn!

It had been what seemed like forever, which seemed like an entirely nonsensical notion to you seeing as how time had otherwise been progressing normally.  Been in this normal amount of time you couldn’t shake the feeling that weeks had passed, which was odd because you didn’t recall taking any hallucinogens.

“I can’t believe King Dodgeball is making us check out the zmobies,” Sir Banner grumbled as he and Knight Stripes floated in a small boat towards the initial island.  “If they’re based off of those suckers that were out there in the first place, I’m sure they’re not even half as useful as they used to be.”

“True ho King Daggerbeard can be a real pain ho ho At least it’ll get us out of the castle ho and let us get some fighting in ho ho ho I haven’t fought in a while and I’m starting to get antsy ho ho”

As the boat floated near the island, the two passengers watched carefully before jumping fist first into an island filled with the living idle.

“Yup, just a bunch of zmobies.”

“Just watch them for a minute ho and see if they’re even worth our time.”

A couple minutes passed, maybe that was why time felt like it had been taking forever.  The anticipation.  No, no probably not.  Regardless, the two noticed something odd about the zmobies, aside from the obvious which was that they were spelled poorly.

“They’re a little bit more organized than normal zmobies ho ho ho Look at how they’re all standing evenly spaced ho like a small army.”

“I wonder why they’d be doing that, wait- Look at that!”

“I don’t see anything ho they’re just standing there ho perfectly spaced from one another ho ho ho”

“That’s exactly it.  Look right there in the middle – no, not there, right smack dab in the middle of those zmobies – that must be why they’re so organized.”

“Is that a zmobie nijna?”

“I-I think it is ho ho They’re like nijnas who eat brains, or zmobies weilding swords ho ho ho I don’t think we want to face that head on but if we don’t deal with it ho it might turn some of the other islanders into zmobie nijnas ho ho”

“Don’t be silly; While deadly, if they bite you they’ll turn you into a zmobie, but uh, you won’t turn into a nijna as well.  Just the zmobie part I’m afraid.  They’ll make zmobie islanders, but that’s about as bad as it gets.”

“That’d be the worst ho ho”

“It’s definitely not the worst, but it does change things.  For now, we back off and see how the zmobies proceed with the tide at medium.  Hopefully the nijna will just orchestrate the whole thing, and stay put on the initial island, for now…”

The tide has changed to medium!

With  the tide having been lowered, the zmobies are on the move.  Anyone on an island adjacent to the initial island might want to take caution, as the zmobies might punhc you in the faec, and then you’d be covered in ketchup.  Or some description that encourages you to actually run away.

Additionally, a bunch of cryptic fliers start showing up randomly on the islands.  You assume they’re fliers, but whoever designed them did an awful job as you can’t tell for the life of you what they’re designed for, and also they use Papyrus and ugh that’s just plain horrifying.  The font is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  Conversely, you find the doodle of the horse to be pretty nifty and cheerful.