Day 17: Esoteric Order of Bacon

Team Members:

Captain Itylhive

As the team arrived on the new island and decided to explore, which didn’t take quite as long as they had originally thought due to its small size.  Though Itylhive was keeping an eye out for various resources while Parrotfanatic was leaving behind what literary critics would refer to as an epic across the ground as the walked, a fecal The Odyssey so to speak.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately but just strangely, the island was pretty much just all row of wheat.  Wheat upon wheat upon wheat upon wheat.  It was ridiculous how much wheat there was, if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe someone telling you exactly how much wheat there was.

For exploring the island, your team gains the [right to name it].

Meanwhile, Antiblematic was focused on the zmobies that had infested the land.  He could feel their presence, as is expected from someone so in tune with the mysterystuff of the world.  But what exactly was their purpose?  What was their calling?  As Antiblematic tried to find what force drove the zmobies.  Strangely, their intentions were clouded with very potent apathy.  After all, they were the living idle!  They had so much quantity apathy, they were pretty much just all apathy.  It was ridiculous how apathetic they were, if you hadn’t felt it yourself, you wouldn’t believe someone telling you exactly how apathetic they were.  Still, there had to be a reason, and Antiblematic fought through all the apathy much like one fights through thick fields of wheat.

And there was!

It seemed that though they originally had no purpose, there was one zmobie nijna among them, and its desires were so strong that it somehow managed to dispel the apathy and force the zmobies into its bidding.  If he wanted to control the zmobies, he was going to need to take out the zmobie nijna, which wouldn’t be easy…


5 thoughts on “Day 17: Esoteric Order of Bacon

  1. Calling up the spirits of fire and wind Itylhive sets the island on fire, while cackling madly in the middle of the firestorm. After Itylhive’s thirst for destruction has been sufficiently quenched, he will do a quick survey of the island to see if fire exposed any secrets (naughty or otherwise). If no such secrets expose themselves, he’ll load up as much roasted wheat as he can aboard Kraken Maru No.2 in the remainder of the day (being careful not to take one fertilized by parrotfanatic, as he plans on it becoming delicious ale)

  2. I climb the tallest tree on the island and scream in a very stealthy voice:
    “I herby name this island ‘Poopnugget’!”

    Then I shiv the tree until dead and bleeding, gathering wood for the all-important ale castes we will need for “The Grand Plan”.

    I have Evan scout out the next island, looking for unattended valuables ripe for the sneakin’ and the stealing, the sneakin’ and the stealing.

  3. I’ll use [mysterystuff] in the Ritual Hall to add the Kraken Maru No 2 a mysterystuff-wave cannon, as per the original design. I assume tentacles would be involved.

    • Itylhive will point Antiblematic towards Yamato class [mysterystuff]-wave motion gun. Those clearly include two tentacles that flagellate at a frequency harmonic to that of a [mysterystuff]-wave produced by the operator. The [mysterystuff]-wave focus itself is an oculus.

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