Day 17: Everyone Else

Dann Tuggles aka Dizzre
Mike Burns

anthcul158 set off to explore this cave to see how it was different from the cave on the other island, and found two things.  First, she found another person from the islands, Destin, valiant leader of the Keepers of Elysium.  Though goofy in nature, he gave off an aura of confidence and strength, which is to say, it was apparent that he was a great warrior.  Second, the group found a red dragon in the cave, and Bob the Blob did not seem all to happy to see the dragon, which anthcul158 picked up on.  The dragon didn’t immediately notice them, which perhaps was for the best.

After wandering through the cave system for what seemed like forever, he emerged back into the outside world, near a group of mountains.  Looking around and exploring this new area carefully, he stumbled upon an armored bear and a mongoose, but made sure to keep his distance.  The bear was wearing armor, which he innately knew was incredibly powerful, and not worth engaging.  Carefully, he tracks the bear and mongoose at a close enough distance to notice them returning to what looked like an entirely eco-friendly base with some familiar faces from back when everyone was on the initial island.  He was pretty sure this was the GREEN TEAM he had heard so much about.

LooseLips continues to gather resources, keeping in touch with the Green Team as one of the islanders who spent a good bit of his time keeping up with the guards and the other teams.  Unfortunately, GreenTeamLeader didn’t seem to think the two’s intentions aligned, and declined LooseLips’s offer for the time being.

Vaclav manages to scoop up some cranberries as he approaches Dann Tuggles, but Dann Tuggles seems to preoccupied gathering ore to respond, which is odd.  Vaclav decides to bolster his [combat] a bit by punching trees while he waited for the oncoming zmobies.

captainawesome scoured the jail cell for any details or objects that might be of any use, leaving no stone unturned.  …in fact, pretty much the only object in the jail cell was an unturned stone.  There were small splinters of wood laying in the ground, probably from the wooden frame of the bed that was bolted to the wall he rested on.  The bars seemed to be made of youcan’tbreakthem-ium, which was pretty unfortunate, and the lock wasn’t so much of a lock as it was level across the room that was pulled, releasing the gate that was presumably locked shut otherwise.  There were roughly 1562 blocks of stone in his cell, and there was a tiny rat in the corner that looked rather sick and old.  Also, his bed had a pellow, which was exactly what it sounded like.  He even confirmed it with a guard when the guard had given it to him.

“Alright, here’s your pellow.”

“…you mean pillow, right?”

“Yeah, pellow.  The thing you sleep on.”

“You keep saying pellow, not pillow.  It’s a pillow, right?”

“Listen, do you want the pellow or not?”

Begrudgingly, he accepted the pellow, which looked exactly like a pillow except that he was almost 100% positive that it cackled at him with a sinister laugh when he wasn’t looking, and he didn’t want to put his head anywhere near.  Other than that, there wasn’t anything in the cell;  The guards came by twice a day to give him a bowl of water and a stale loaf of bread, which they slid under the gate in the small gap that existed there.


6 thoughts on “Day 17: Everyone Else

  1. RSE returns through the cave and this time chooses the cave going to the north-east, though if he notices any zmobies coming through the caves towards him he runs back towards the green team island.

  2. anthcul158 spends the entirety of the day creating a form of communication/language between Bob the Blob and herself, determined to ask why he dislikes the dragon so much.

  3. Step 1 – Attempt to determine if there are any other prisoners being held in adjacent cells. If there are, speak softly to them and discover their plight with words of reason and calm assurance. Befriend them. Also be exceptionally friendly to every guard that comes by using proper manners and etiquette.

    Step 2 – If nobody responds at all…Befriend the pellow. Do this by using the same strategy.

  4. keep gathering supplies. If I gather enough supplies then I will fish in my boat, making my way towards the awesome ship, landing on an island not infested with zmobies or the GREENTEAM.

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