Day 17: Keepers of Elysium

Team Members:

Captain Destin
A random guard

Though Destin had made a full recovery, apparently his mind was still a bit rattled after the battle, causing him to think that his ability to do things in a given day was somehow connected to his ability to write, which was ridiculous.  About as ridiculous as your ability to fight being connected to your luck, or your natural agility being connected also to your luck, or your ability to fly a boat being connected to your libido.

In summary, Destin was a ridiculous person, living a ridiculous life.

On the island they had landed, Destin decided to explore while Nirkit rested from what could easily be described as the ultimate refractory period.  After checking in with the guard for a description of the island, which is always helpful, Destin learned that the spiral forest somehow connected this island to the other island, and that there was a cave nearby.  Destin poked around the cave, careful not to-


Unaware that ‘Oh Spoon’ was actually a clever reference to a realization parrotfanatic had in the comment sections of Day 16 for the Esoteric Order of Bacon, Destin, stumbled almost face first into the lady anthcul158, another person exploring the islands who had not joined a team, and her befriended Blob very cleverly named Bob.  The three of you had decided to explore the same cave, and it didn’t take too much exploration to realize that this was the home of a large red dragon who didn’t seem all too friendly that, thankfully, also didn’t seem all that aware of your presence.


2 thoughts on “Day 17: Keepers of Elysium

  1. “A blob named Bob?! You’re in!”

    Which was probably Destin’s most polite invitation to the team. Ever.

    Not waiting for the reply, Destin decided to test his luck and explore the red dragon of doom’s cave. Maybe he’d get a chance to train with a dragon?


  2. Nirkit followed Destin into the cave, and probed the dragon.

    Psychically. But with a psychic projection that looked undoubtedly phallic. He was probing for anything useful the dragon might have rolled up into the Katamari that is its mind. Hopes… dreams… blocky-looking people… maybe possibly even the location of its undeniably existent treasure hoard. or whatever its meta-game purpose was on this island. Bear in mind, though, that it was tender, gentle mindfucking. The kind of mindfucking that an elderly couple would have when one of them got home from the hospital after hip surgery. He wasn’t looking to rock the dragon’s world, he just wanted the dragon to know that he loved it and wanted all of Everything Islands’ treasure about as much as Ash Ketchum wants every single starter pokemon from every continent he visits. THEY’RE THE MOST RARE POKEMON THERE, ASH. YOU’RE DENYING A PLAYER-CHARACTER SOMEWHERE THEIR CHANCE AT A LEG UP ON THE COMPETITION. NOW THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE TO START WITH A CATERPIE OR A ZIGZAGOON OR A PATRAT OR SOME SHIT, AND NOBODY’S GOING TO BE ABLE TO BEAT THE ELITE FOUR IF THAT’S THEIR STARTING POKEMON, ASSHOLE.

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