Day 17: The Awesome Squad

Team Members:

Captain Ossa
A random guard (NPC)

As Bell started asking around about the boat, he realized that nobody seemed to know where the boat had gone, which was troubling.  Mike and Ossa, presumably occupied in their work inside of the team’s base, sent Bell and JohnnyViral to look for the boat for the time being.  The two scoured the coastline until the sun started to set, but the boat didn’t seem anywhere on the island, which meant that someone had sailed away on it?  Or that it had sunk?  It was hard to tell if the boat had disappeared mysteriously, or if they just weren’t looking in quite the right places…

Perhaps in preparation for a search for the boat, or perhaps purely for practice and personal interest, Mostly was focusing intently on improving his [agility] through the practice of various ninja arts, utilizing the smoke bombs he had created.

As Blu asked the guard if he could think of any songs that might attract an armored bear, the guard rolled his eyes.

“Why would you want to do that, man?  Those things will just maul you to death.”

But Blu was insistent; He had seen the armored bear and now wanted nothing more than to call to it.  After all, what could be more metal than an armored bear?

“Listen, man.  I don’t friggin’ know – what are you asking – bear call songs?  If you really want to get the bear’s attention man, just like, follow your heart or something.”

Blu couldn’t really figure out if the guard just really didn’t care, or was actually trying to give him sound advice.  As was usually the case, the guards were not the most useful people in the islands.



5 thoughts on “Day 17: The Awesome Squad

  1. When the search for the ship turned fruitless, Viral theorized that maybe they had not searched hard enough. He went to Ossa and suggested “Captain Ossa, Sir. I think that the use of your [mysterystuff] powers would help us with the search for the ship. I can’t make the turrets to defend our base without the science station.” He paused “However, I don’t think putting tentacles on the ship BEFORE we find it would help us in anyway.” He said from behind his gas mask. “I will however get Mostly to help with the search as well, and possibly look farther out into the ocean. Though the armor will not help.”

    Viral took the armor and gas mask off and proceeded to swim off shore and search for the ship as best he could.

  2. Completely confused onto how to follow his heart, Blu waved goodbye to the guard. Thinking hard on the matter, he knew that no matter how cheesy it is to follow his heart the armor and the winstruments will make this adventure MEEEEEEETAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

    Not sure how to follow his heart, Blu was close to death on top of the mountain where he became one with the Gods of awesome. Walking to the top of the mountain once again, Blu starts imagining what awesome things he can do with the RagingBonerRIffs and the frightening armored bear at his side at the same time.

    With more spring to his step, Blu heads to the top of the mountain for more clues.

  3. Ossa contemplates on his teammate’s comment. When would tentacles NOT be helpful? Maybe he could rectify his companions stance on tentacles by giving him a few tentacles to the face! No; not today. There was work to do. As per the Awesome idea given to him by JohnnyViral, Ossa attempts to use his powers of the-long-awaited-madness-which-sits-perched-atop-the-inevitable to try and find their lost boat.

  4. Bell continued to stumble around aimlessly, absolutely puzzled as to where the boat had gone from around their island. He was thoroughly confused and absolutely clueless. He began getting distracted as he always does and began to swim casually to the island East of where they are. What was he looking for again? He pondered quietly as he drifted through the ocean water, staring up into the blue, blue sky. He might have even dozed off a little before his head bonked against a stray rock on the shore of the foreign island. (if there are rocks there. If not, he just sort of realized he was laying on sand as opposed to… floating.) He stood up lazily and looked at the new environment for the first time.

  5. Mostly will slap JohnyViral across the face and tell him to seize panic. He suggests they wait until GREENTEAM upgrades their ship, then descend upon them with unholy judgement. He will then spend his turn completing the turrets, seeing as how his science is on par with that of science station and he can totally do it.

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