Day 17: The Brains of the Active

With the tide having lowered, the zmobies poured over the four islands adjacent to the initial island, invading Hobo, Haymaker, Three Hammock, and Dragon Roost islands.  Fortunately, most of the islanders had long since left those lands, but an unfortunate few were caught by the living idle and, having a good amount of idleness themselves, were easy targets.  Before long, Unfinished Destiny and Rayner were both converted into zmobies, adding an electric zmobie and a zmobie proficient in martial arts to the already deadly mix of zmobies.

The next deadline is Sunday, April 1st.  I’ve had a couple people ask me about deadlines lately, so I figured I’d explain that a ‘deadline’ is the earliest I start working on the next update.  Feel free to post after the deadline if the comment section is unlocked, but once it’s locked you’re out of luck.