Night 17: A sudden unfortunate conclusion

Things were progressing smoothly.  The islanders had come quite a long ways, and had started building up their settlements.  Some had made friends, some had built great things, and some still had so very much left to get done.

Unfortunately, they all made the same mistake – none of the people at any point bothered to do anything during the night. While everyone was focused on what actions they were taking during the day, the lonely lonely moon watched absolutely nothing happen every single night, and that really bugged him.

“Would it hurt them to just have said ‘Hello’ once in a while?  Maybe leave a plate of cookies out for me, or sing me a song?  I’m up here every night, all by myself… and I just can’t take it anymore.”

After 17 painful days of absolutely nothing, and even more meta-days, the moon had finally given up on living, and dove face first into the islands, obliterating them on impact, destroying all life as we know it on all of the islands and bringing an otherwise great adventure to a sudden unfortunate conclusion.

This is legitimately the moon

The tide has been changed to everyone is dead.


13 thoughts on “Night 17: A sudden unfortunate conclusion

  1. Bell hugged the moon as it collided and shredded him apart from the impact, having finally been able to touch it after dreaming for all these years.

  2. What about the boats? Are they OK or did they also get utterly destroyed? If they weren’t then this truly is unfortunate.

  3. Vaclav plays the Song of Healing on his [exquisite bandoneón], implementing his [mysterystuff] in an attempt to repair the islands. Sun Song to kill the zmobies.

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