Here is the video for Everything Islands to tide you over while you wait for the content of the coming week, including the epilogue, carnival, and all that other stuff too.

The Everything Islands Video!!




The Penultimate Day

Whether or not you played up until the very end or dropped off somewhere in the middle, I’d really appreciate your feedback so please give this post a read, thanks!

So here’s the deal, Everything Islands has to come to a conclusion because it is required to for the course.  Naturally, this is a bit of an awkward project to “end” because it is entirely personally goal-oriented, and it seems strange to then measure the worth of everyone’s actions in a single story-driven finale.  While I’m not claiming this is the best, or the ideal way to end the project, nor am I claiming that its last while has been successful even in the slightest, I certainly think bringing the project to a close is more satisfying/rewarding than none, so this is what I’m proposing.

Below is a simple survey, a couple of questions I’m asking you about the project so that I may present these ideas in the final presentation of the project.  I’d appreciate it if you’d fill it out, don’t be shy, I know all of you enjoy writing to some extent and it’d really help me out!  Answer all or some of the questions, really just whatever you feel like, man.

Regardless of whether or not you feel like filling out the survey, this is where you make your final stand.  Your bucket list of Everything Islands.  In addition to this post, there will be another post updated with a bit of story;  A bunch of brainstorming in regards to the end of Everything Islands, and what I want you to do is post how you see the end unfolding for your character.  It’s kind of like a super turn;  Do whatever you would as per normal, but feel free to be incredibly liberal with your actions, since your character has theoretically a week or two of “concluding” to get accomplished.  In typical Everything Islands fashion, I was respond to these endings in one final story update sometime this week, I’m shooting for Wednesday/Thursday but Friday wouldn’t be out of the question.

In addition to this makeshift conclusion, after the formal showing of this project on the 6th, the site will continue to receive some of the following content just for  your support and involvement with the project.

– The carnival update, just to have fun with it.
– The spreadsheet that was used to track everything along the way.
– An Everything Islands particpant exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything)
– A video (when I finish it ugh videos)
– Finished map, so you can fondly look back on it
– Super lame combat analysis thing

Name In-Game:

How did you hear about Everything Islands?:

Why did you decide to play Everything Islands?:

In what ways was Everything Islands different from games you normally play?  In what ways was it the same?:

When did you play Everything Islands? (i.e. freetime, at work, during school/class, etc.):

How did you feel WordPress served as a platform for Everything Islands?  Was it more helpful or limiting?  If you don’t think WordPress is the best option, what would you suggest?:

Briefly describe what your character did in Everything Islands, sort of like a summary of the experience but from your perspective:

How did your personal goals and the way that you played the game change as the game went along, if at all?:

What was your favorite moment of Everything Islands, or your favorite thing about the project?

Thanks in advance, and if for any reason you don’t feel like posting the answers to these questions here, feel free to e-mail me at

Thar she blows!


“It seems the zmobies have gotten out of me control,” scowled King Daggerbeard.  Looking through his glass far-away-looky-thingy, he could see that by now they had swarmed across most of the islands, and he wasn’t exactly the biggest fan.

“No matter, shouldn’t be too long before me plan is finally in motion.”

He paced the room a bit, distraught that neither Banner nor Stripes were around to continue the conversation, and all of the guards had been sent off for some last minute chalk-repair for his plan to come to fruition.  Annoyed, he kicked over a chest of assorted junk, but strangely sought comfort in its contents – a small beaten teddy bear missing both of its eyes skidded across the ground and King Daggerbeard quickly scooped it up.

“What’s that, me good pal Grand Arbiter Thadeus, the Bear of Blind Judgement,” he inquired, making sure to address his old friend only by his full, official title, and not his common nickname ‘Teddy bear’, “what exactly is my plan ye ask?  Well let me tell ye!

Long ago, when I sailed across the open sea, I believed I had truly found me peace.  Hard to believe, friend, but back then, people called me Cap’n Bloody Daggerbeard, deadliest pirate to have ever sailed the open sea.  Only captured once, but I escaped shortly after stabbin’ the guard through the heart with me beard!  Anyways… life was simple, until I finally found the mother load of all treasures, and well, long story short I settled down but me men kept fightin’ over the gold and well… I realized then that me heart didn’t belong to no shiny piece of gold, but to the sea – also haikus, but mostly the sea.

So I came here, ye see.  Just north of this here isle is the sunken remains of the Great Waken, a large mythical beast said to bring about the floodin’ of the entire world, or at the very least all of the islands possibly contained within the game of Everything Islands.  In short me friend, it brings about piece, and it brings about The End.

Would’ve had the beast resurrected sooner, but some barnacle lovin’ scallywag been kicking over the chalk dust on the ritual lines, and some other minor setbacks got in me way.  But no longer!  With the people of the isles busy with the zmobies, and fascinated with a carnival they don’t quite understand exists only in a place within themselves and beyond death, nothing can get in my way now.

At least, I don’t think it can.  But we’ll see… I know, me friend, that look in yer eyelessness.  It’s not over ’til it’s over, but we’ll see…”

Post your character’s conclusion to Everything Islands below, and stay tuned for the final post that’ll wrap everything up!  More details in the stickied update, go check it out.

Day 18: The celebration of Life, and Death

Next deadline: Friday

And just like that, everything had ended.

“If that is what you think, you are foolish.”

As everyone opened their eyes, as if waking from a dream, they felt very out of it.  Before them stretched what looked like a cheesy Halloween amusement park, with cardboard ghosts and gremlins sticking out of the ground and various hatted figures running around, laughing like children.

A tiny floating man greeted them.

By man, of course, it was a two or so foot tall figure with a hat for a face floating in the air, bobbing up and down with its arms stretched out.  Its colors seemed welcoming, but off in hue, and the longer everyone stared, the more they had a nagging feeling that this thing w-


“Welcome, children,” the figure squeaked in an entirely non-threatening pitch, “To a very special carnival.  No, you’re not dead, and no, no this isn’t the end- but the end is in fact coming soon, that’s exactly why you’re here.  In a sense, I’m rewarding you all, for living your lives!  How often do you just get to celebrate life?  After the carnival is over, you will all be returned to your normal lives…

This carnival is to prepare you all for the end, which is inevitable.  As you may or may not have noticed, all of your faces are covered by hats, so you had no way of knowing who is who in this special place.  Let go of your life, and enjoy yourselves!  Admission is free, the ticket booth is up ahead… and just… remember how valuable your lives really are!”

The figure floated away, and the completely confused group decided to fumble through the ticket booth.  Unlike normal ticket booths, which would’ve charged admission and given you a single ticket booth, this ticket booth seemed to award everyone a different number of tickets.  The number of tickets were as follows:

RedSunEternal 7
captainawesome 8
Dann Tuggles 6
Hawkers 5
Vaclav 5
Ryu89 6
Leocrow 6
anthcul158 11
LooseLips 4
Knave 4
Mike Burns 7
parrotfanatic 6
Antiblematic 6
Itylhive 10
Destin 6
Nirkit 7
Mike 5
Ossa 6
JohnnyViral 6
Blu 4
Mostly 5
Bell 8
Greenteamleader 8
Cocolocote 6
jabstar 5
Golem Architect 6
Brumble 5
Jim 6

Apparently, the number of tickets they received were somehow related to the number of /s they had, whatever that meant.

The whole park was very, very disorienting.  It immediately felt like you were lost, so as a group everyone decided to stumble over to the map.  According to map, the following activities were available, in order of increasing “fun” – which was written in a way that clearly looked like blood, and may or may not have actually just been blood on the sign.

Fortune telling machine – 4 tickets or 1 coin
Test your Strength – 2 tickets
Pop the balloon game – 2 tickets
Pet the animals – 2 tickets
Clowns – 3 tickets
See a show – 3 tickets
Squirt gun racing – 2 tickets
Tunnel of Companionship – 4 tickets
Ride the TERRORis wheel – 3 tickets
Hall of Reflective Surfaces – 3 tickets
Rickety wooden Roller coaster – 4 tickets

Night 17: A sudden unfortunate conclusion

Things were progressing smoothly.  The islanders had come quite a long ways, and had started building up their settlements.  Some had made friends, some had built great things, and some still had so very much left to get done.

Unfortunately, they all made the same mistake – none of the people at any point bothered to do anything during the night. While everyone was focused on what actions they were taking during the day, the lonely lonely moon watched absolutely nothing happen every single night, and that really bugged him.

“Would it hurt them to just have said ‘Hello’ once in a while?  Maybe leave a plate of cookies out for me, or sing me a song?  I’m up here every night, all by myself… and I just can’t take it anymore.”

After 17 painful days of absolutely nothing, and even more meta-days, the moon had finally given up on living, and dove face first into the islands, obliterating them on impact, destroying all life as we know it on all of the islands and bringing an otherwise great adventure to a sudden unfortunate conclusion.

This is legitimately the moon

The tide has been changed to everyone is dead.

Day 17: The Brains of the Active

With the tide having lowered, the zmobies poured over the four islands adjacent to the initial island, invading Hobo, Haymaker, Three Hammock, and Dragon Roost islands.  Fortunately, most of the islanders had long since left those lands, but an unfortunate few were caught by the living idle and, having a good amount of idleness themselves, were easy targets.  Before long, Unfinished Destiny and Rayner were both converted into zmobies, adding an electric zmobie and a zmobie proficient in martial arts to the already deadly mix of zmobies.

The next deadline is Sunday, April 1st.  I’ve had a couple people ask me about deadlines lately, so I figured I’d explain that a ‘deadline’ is the earliest I start working on the next update.  Feel free to post after the deadline if the comment section is unlocked, but once it’s locked you’re out of luck.

Day 16: What seemed like forever

Next deadline: Thursday at 23:59 EST, meaning there are only 24 hours in this turn!

It had been what seemed like forever, which seemed like an entirely nonsensical notion to you seeing as how time had otherwise been progressing normally.  Been in this normal amount of time you couldn’t shake the feeling that weeks had passed, which was odd because you didn’t recall taking any hallucinogens.

“I can’t believe King Dodgeball is making us check out the zmobies,” Sir Banner grumbled as he and Knight Stripes floated in a small boat towards the initial island.  “If they’re based off of those suckers that were out there in the first place, I’m sure they’re not even half as useful as they used to be.”

“True ho King Daggerbeard can be a real pain ho ho At least it’ll get us out of the castle ho and let us get some fighting in ho ho ho I haven’t fought in a while and I’m starting to get antsy ho ho”

As the boat floated near the island, the two passengers watched carefully before jumping fist first into an island filled with the living idle.

“Yup, just a bunch of zmobies.”

“Just watch them for a minute ho and see if they’re even worth our time.”

A couple minutes passed, maybe that was why time felt like it had been taking forever.  The anticipation.  No, no probably not.  Regardless, the two noticed something odd about the zmobies, aside from the obvious which was that they were spelled poorly.

“They’re a little bit more organized than normal zmobies ho ho ho Look at how they’re all standing evenly spaced ho like a small army.”

“I wonder why they’d be doing that, wait- Look at that!”

“I don’t see anything ho they’re just standing there ho perfectly spaced from one another ho ho ho”

“That’s exactly it.  Look right there in the middle – no, not there, right smack dab in the middle of those zmobies – that must be why they’re so organized.”

“Is that a zmobie nijna?”

“I-I think it is ho ho They’re like nijnas who eat brains, or zmobies weilding swords ho ho ho I don’t think we want to face that head on but if we don’t deal with it ho it might turn some of the other islanders into zmobie nijnas ho ho”

“Don’t be silly; While deadly, if they bite you they’ll turn you into a zmobie, but uh, you won’t turn into a nijna as well.  Just the zmobie part I’m afraid.  They’ll make zmobie islanders, but that’s about as bad as it gets.”

“That’d be the worst ho ho”

“It’s definitely not the worst, but it does change things.  For now, we back off and see how the zmobies proceed with the tide at medium.  Hopefully the nijna will just orchestrate the whole thing, and stay put on the initial island, for now…”

The tide has changed to medium!

With  the tide having been lowered, the zmobies are on the move.  Anyone on an island adjacent to the initial island might want to take caution, as the zmobies might punhc you in the faec, and then you’d be covered in ketchup.  Or some description that encourages you to actually run away.

Additionally, a bunch of cryptic fliers start showing up randomly on the islands.  You assume they’re fliers, but whoever designed them did an awful job as you can’t tell for the life of you what they’re designed for, and also they use Papyrus and ugh that’s just plain horrifying.  The font is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  Conversely, you find the doodle of the horse to be pretty nifty and cheerful.